The PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System

Over the past eighten years, SSE has refined the design of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated tiered PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems and developed the innovative PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System that maximize cost and time savings as well as contractor productivity.

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Prefabricated for Economy & Quality

Working with a nationwide team of Steel and EPS manufacturing partners, SSE has developed a regionally based program for the delivery of high quality PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System components. Using stringent quality standards for precision, fit and flexibility, SSE has been successful at minimizing problems commonly found with field design, fabrication, and installation. With a national buying power for both EPS and Steel components, SSE is able to offer consistently competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or delivery time. SSE and our affiliate company, GEOFOAM International, are the leading distributors of EPS products for stadium seating in the nation.

Installation Time and Money Savings

Typically our PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System can be installed and ready for a concrete topping slab in a small to medium size auditorium or tiered seating sector in one – two days per auditorium or area. SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Systems are typically installed in 50% less time than normally allocated for traditional framing, which saves valuable time and enhances contractor productivity. The use of prefabricated components and precut EPS allows an experienced installation contractor to save more than 40% in labor costs compared to traditional stud framing.

Design Flexibility

Another distinct advantage of SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System is that the system can be designed to conform to virtually any platform design, shape or configuration in any movie theatre, classroom, lecture hall, worship facility or performing arts auditorium. Flexibility is the key to our SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System. The SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems are equally appropriate for flat or existing sloped floor designs.

Custom Made for a Perfect Fit

Because each SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System is custom made for each specific application and the modular nature of the Systems, PREFOAM is ideal for either new construction or retrofit and renovation situations. Steel and EPS Geofoam components can be made in virtually any height or depth and can easily be field adapted to straight or radius platform designs.

The SSE Roadmap to Success; Detailed Installation/Shop Drawings

The clarity and detail of our PREFOAM installation/shop drawings are hallmarks of our business model. Each of the Steel and Geofoam components are coded to match detailed shop drawings that clearly illustrate the exact size and location of each modular system component to further enhance time and money savings opportunities.

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