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SSE has experience in more than 49 states in the US and Canada. In 2015, through a licensing agreement with an international partner, SSE is expanding our practice to include select locations in Europe.
The PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System is a proprietary design by SSE using a unique “kit of parts” with PREFOAM EPS Geofoam structural blocks as a base and Gauge Cold or Hot Rolled Steel as a forming system with a concrete topping slab.
Installed late in the construction sequence the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System permits subcontractors to do all the vertical “high work” in the auditoriums prior to installation of the stadium seating thereby saving time & labor dollars.

Advantages of the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System

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PREFOAM System Characteristics

SSE has Regional manufacturing and distribution hubs for system components and when combined with the recyclable nature of EPS Geofoam and Steel components, these facts make the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System an ideal environmentally responsible solution to your building needs.
Because components are prefabricated and the system comes with detailed installation shop drawings, a contractor can easily install the system with a team of semi – skilled labor.
The PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System is a kit of parts made of readily available materials. It is assembled in the field by cost efficient labor and can cut weeks of time and money off of a construction schedule. Typically cutting 10-20% of costs when compared with traditional light gauge metal framing.

PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems for All Markets

Over the past eighteen years, Stadium Seating Enterprises, Inc. has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients throughout North America. We have provided our PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System designs for Architects, General Contractors, Subcontractors and Facility Owners within a wide variety of building types including Cinema, Worship Facility, Live Entertainment, Educational Lecture Hall and Corporate Training Auditoriums. Regardless of market type or project size, we pride ourselves on our responsive service, professional interaction, innovative design solutions and ability to meet stringent budget and time constraints.

Proven Success with PREFOAM Systems

The use of SSE’s environmentally friendly PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems have shortened installation time, reduced overall hard construction and labor costs and provided better acoustic performance than conventional systems.

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Floor Mount or Riser Mount Seating

SSE offers four different PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems depending on the budget and design criteria.  The PREFOAM 16 GA EPS and Steel System is the most common and used for floor mounted seating, the PREFOAM 12 GA EPS and Steel System is used in special situations requiring additional concrete isolation and for riser mounted seating, the PREFOAM DryFitTM System is used if the weight of concrete or the introduction of a wet trade into the auditorium is not acceptable and the PREFOAM EPS Geofoam System which is foam only.

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Brands and Clients

SSE has been afforded the opportunity to incorporate PREFOAM EPS
Geofoam and Steel or PREFOAM EPS Geofoam Systems for many of the most
recognized companies in the industry today.

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