Stadium Seating Enterprises, Inc. was founded in Costa Mesa, CA in 2001 by Frank Moson. With more than 40 years of experience in architecture and construction management, Frank and the SSE Team have completed over 3000+ auditoriums for more than 500 Clients in 49 states and Canada utilizing the trademarked PREFOAM™ Stadium Seating Riser System. In 2011, Frank’s son, Taylor, joined the business with the goal of growing sales and modernizing the systems and procedures in place to better facilitate growth. Frank Moson retired in 2015 and in 2016, Taylor Moson took over as President of SSE. The company is still employee and family operated and owned today. 

One of the key elements to SSE’s success lies in our origins, where more than 2 decades ago, the company set out to establish regional manufacturing partnerships and hubs for our Steel Components and EPS Geofoam products. This strategy has allowed SSE to be more responsive to project needs regardless of geographic locations; be environmentally responsible my minimizing shipping distances of our regionally manufactured material; and be cost competitive in any geographic location through the utilization of localized labor and distribution channels.

SSE is currently doing work with our client base throughout the European markets and is in the process of establishing international relationships to fabricate and install our PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems in the Middle East. 

SSE has provided the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System to most of the industry leading Cinema clients including Cinemark Regal, AMC, iPic, Silverspot, Galaxy, Cobb, Penn and many more. SSE has also focused on bringing this innovative system to the Educational Market sector at both a College/University and High School level. Clients include UCLA, UC Berkley, and the Universities of Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Connecticut, North Carolina and Pennsylvania to name a few. Additionally SSE is very active providing the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems to the Worship market with stadium seating in some of the nation’s most prominent Churches in California, Florida, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania and more.

Through our subsidiary, GEOFOAM International, SSE is a also a leading distributor of pre-engineered EPS Geofoam and Rigid Polystyrene Insulation for all types of lightweight fill applications in a wide variety of projects throughout North America.

Trademarked Systems

For more than eighteen years SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems have been recognized as the industry leader and the state–of–the–art prefabricated permanent stadium seating riser systems.  The SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems are widely recognized as the most cost-effective and efficient systems available on the market today to create stadium seating or tiered platforms.

SSE offers four PREFOAM Systems for stadium seating:

The PREFOAM 16 GA EPS and Steel System and The PREFOAM 12 GA EPS and Steel System

The SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System is designed with PREFOAM EPS Geofoam and prefabricated 16GA or 12GA Steel Risers/Hardware/Intermediate Step Form Components to provide a complete stadium seating forming system.

The PREFOAM EPS Geofoam System

The SSE PREFOAM EPS Geofoam System consists of PREFOAM EPS Geofoam only and relies on the installation contractor to provide an independent forming system for the tiered platforms.

The PREFOAM DryFit™ System

The PREFOAM DryFit™ System is used if the weight of concrete or the introduction of a wet trade into the auditorium is not acceptable.

Just In Time Manufacturing

Over the past eighteen years SSE has established cost saving and highly productive “manufacturing partnerships” with steel fabricators and EPS Molders across the nation.

Our business model utilizes five regional hubs for manufacturing and distribution of our EPS and Steel components to cities throughout the US and Canada. We are able to minimize freight distances, draw from local labor markets and take advantage of regional area pricing of materials and employ an environmentally responsive business approach.

This approach allows SSE to effectively manage a large volume of work and provide responsive and cost effective services to our national customer base from our project management offices in Southern California