Eclipse Theater

Las Vegas, NV

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Eclipse theaters was designed by KME Architects and built by AR Mays construction. Per the specification manual, SSE was asked to provide our 16Ga PREFoam Riser System here including all intermediate steps and connecting hardware.

The project consisted of 8 screens, ground up at a brand new development in downtown Las Vegas, NV. Trucks were phased per the contractor’s required schedule and the PREFoam system was installed in less than half of the time it would have taken the team to install the same platforms using light gauge metal framing. A rough savings of 15% was realized by the construction team due to the inclusion of the PREFoam system.

General Contractor: AR Mays Construction |

Architect: KME Architects LLC |

Century Arden 14 and XD

Sacramento, CA

As a direct Vendor for the third largest Cinema circuit in the United States, SSE was proud to participate on this ground up new construction of this multiplex. Our 12GA PREFoam Stadium Riser System was utilized to save time and money on the building of luxury stadium platforms. This particular system is custom-made to order and allow for a channel of concrete to cascade down the faces of each platform to encapsulate the EPS for seismic purposes.

The concrete subcontractor and general contractor enjoyed using the PREFoam system so much, that they continue to use it on other projects and utilize the EPS foam as fill material for other types of jobs.

General Contractor: CSI Construction Company |

Architect: Kip E. Daniel |

Cypress, CA

Seacoast Grace Church

Seacoast Grace Church features a 35,000 SF sanctuary with seating for 2,000 including 1,000 seats on multiple sectors of tiered stadium seating. Each of these stadium seating platforms is 80 ft. wide, and was poured in one single operation due to the quickness and efficiency of the PREFoam riser system. The architecture was by the Calvert Architectural Group and the General Contractor was Norm Wilson & Sons.

The project is a 12 GA Seismic Stadium Seating System and was installed in 2010. The church here was able to realize a huge cost savings when it came to time and materials alone. Labor was the icing on the cake with an installation timeframe about 1/3 of that which it would have taken out of light gauge metal framing.

Concrete Contractor: Norm Wilson & Sons |

Architect: Calvert Architectural Group |

Chapel Hill, NC

Silverspot Cinemas

Silverpot Cinemas is a return client for SSE and we are proud to be involved with this one. The architect here was Icon Architects out of Kansas City, MO and the GC was Gates Construction out of Bonita Springs, FL.

The 16GA PREFoam system was used here to build new stadium seating platforms in the auditoriums and provided a fast, easy, cost effective solution to the GC looking to get this project completed in a short timeframe. SSE continues to work with the Silverspot team to expand their brand and grow their concept.

General Contractor: Gates Construction |

Architect: Icon Architecture |