The PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System

  • Can typically be installed by the general contractor, ready for topping concrete in as little as one – two days per auditorium utilizing semi-skilled labor; this can approximately reduce labor costs by as much as 50% over the time required to install a light gauge metal frame and pan system based on feedback from our installing contractors;
  • Is installed late in the construction sequence allowing all high work to be completed without the need to scaffold over the tiered seating platforms;
  • Is delivered to the jobsite with all steel components precut to the dimensions of the stadium platform criteria;
  • Is designed to allow the concrete subcontractor to pour the entire platform in a single operation.  Traditional methods require a second pour for the intermediate steps;
  • Includes all 12 or 16 gauge steel permanent riser forms, connector hardware and intermediate step forms;
  • The majority of PREFOAM EPS Geofoam blocks typically come in 8’-0” lengths precut to the depth and width of each riser tread.  90% of the additional EPS blocks are custom cut to minimize field cutting;
  • All steel components are assembled using #10-1” self-tapping sheet metal screws.

Installation...How easy is it really?

Edwards Construction Services, Inc. of Florida installed the SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System for the first time in the Barnstorm Theatre located in the Villages near Orlando, FL several years ago. This installation video was directed, produced and filmed by the developer’s project team. SSE did not script this interview with the construction team in any way.

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This interview is with the project superintendent for Edwards Construction Services. In his own words, he discusses the value the PREFOAM product brought to the construction team and comments on the efficiency and ease of installation they realized through the use of the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System.

Video Info

Barnstorm Theater

Project Location:
The Villages
Orlando, FL

Project Completed by:
Edwards Construction Services, Inc.

PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems are the fastest, easiest and most cost effective method of constructing stadium seating on the market today. Traditional methods of constructing stadium risers have used structural steel stud and pan framing or plywood formed concrete framing.

With the development of the SSE PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems, the industry has recognized that a prefabricated and pre-engineered system saves time and money and adds valuable quality control in the construction of permanent stadium seating.

Developed as a pre-engineered “kit of parts” for stadium seating risers, the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser Systems incorporate blocks of PREFOAM EPS Geofoam cut to the dimensions of the stadium seating platform that are stacked like building blocks or “Legos” to form the tiered seating risers. After the blocks are put in place, the permanent steel forms are placed along the face of the risers and secured with steel “retainer” hardware. Then, prefabricated steel intermediate step forms are secured to the vertical face of the risers to complete the “bones” of the system. Lastly, as a finishing floor material, concrete used for the horizontal surface of the stadium platforms and the intermediate steps is poured directly on top of the PREFOAM EPS Geofoam blocks.

The system comes with a complete detailed set of installation instructions and shop drawings illustrating each area to receive the PREFOAM Stadium Seating Riser System. To facilitate easy installation, each EPS block and steel component is clearly marked with a specific code referenced in the installation shop drawings.

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